Tips For Enjoying A Spa Day

A spa day is one that most women will pine over.  Most women, and men of course, do run busy lives dealing with work, school, children and other life events.  As these events begin to weigh on us, the need to find ways to release this stress becomes clear.  For some, going for a run, taking up a sport or doing other physical activities is how they release this stress.  For others however, going to a massage spa in Denver really makes a difference.

The massage

If you have never gotten a massage before you will be in for a treat.  A massage is where you will lie on a table in a quiet room.  There you will be nude but covered in a towel.  A massage therapist will come in and light some scented candles, put on some relaxing music and then begin to rub your body with an assortment of different oils.

The oils used in a massage are designed to help improve relaxation.  They are also good for muscle tone, the skin and all over wellness.  As the oils are worked into the skin, tense muscle and tissues are worked out to help increase the blood flow of the body. 

When engaged in your massage it is also a good idea to let your mind wonder.  Don’t focus on anything.  Think of being on a beach or in your happy place.  The power of the massage is not just a physical one, but it is also a mental one as well.

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Drink water

Before and after your massage it is recommended that you drink a lot of water.  When you drink water you are helping to flush the toxins out of the body.  Before drinking a lot of water, however, make sure that you don’t need to urinate during your one-hour massage.  This can really take away from the entire spa experience.